WIC SDK  1.1.0
Libraries for WIC device control
WIC SDK Documentation - version for Linux


Workswell WIC SDK is set of libraries for controlling and operating with WIC devices.

WIC device

Workswell Infrared Camera „WIC“ is designed and manufactured for easy and user-friendly integration to all machine vision applications as well as security projects. All Workswell Infrared Cameras use the newest FLIR Long Wave Infrared Detector Technology.


To use WIC SDK libraries, you need to have an Linux operating system with architecture x86-x64 (64bit), i386 (32bit), armhf (ARM hard-float) or aarch64 (ARM 64bit). Please, check if you have installed correct version for your system architecture.

The library was tested with several linux distributions and devices.

Linux distributions:

  • Ubuntu 14.04 (gcc version 4.8.5)
  • Ubuntu 16.04 (gcc version 5.4.0)
  • Raspbian 8-jessie (gcc version 4.9.2)
  • Odroid 3.10.82 (gcc version 4.9.2)


  • Desktop (x86-64 and i386)
  • Raspberry Pi 3 Model B
  • NVIDIA Jetson TK1
  • NVIDIA Jetson TX1
  • Odroid XU4

Additionally, root (sudo) privileges are needed. For running the libraries, these Ubuntu packages are required:

  • build-essential
  • libjpeg-dev


Installation can be started from console. Root privileges are needed. Please, read the descriptions during installation.

All files are installed in /opt folder.

  • The WIC SDK is found in folder: /opt/workswell/wic_sdk
  • The Pleora eBUS is found in folder: /opt/pleora/ebus_sdk/xxx-architecture-xxx

Here, necessary libraries in lib directory and headers in include directory are located.

For WIC with USB 3.0 connection, you have to install eBUSd deamon (if you haven't done so). The script can be found in Pleora bin folder:

  • /opt/pleora/ebus_sdk/xxx-architecture-xxx/bin/install_daemon.sh

Libraries description

The library consists out of three basic classes:

The general use of WIC SDK library is presented in WIC_SDK_Sample.cpp. Sample project can be found in:

  • /opt/workswell/wic_sdk/sample
    • In subfolder build is makefile
    • In subfolder src is source file WIC_SDK_Sample.cpp


To compile your code, add these include paths to you project makefile:

  • /opt/workswell/wic_sdk/include
  • /opt/pleora/ebus_sdk/Ubuntu-14.04-x86_64/include

These library paths needs to be added:

  • /opt/workswell/wic_sdk/lib
  • /opt/pleora/ebus_sdk/xxx-architecture-xxx/lib

These libraries needs to be added to your makefile:

  • jpeg
  • PvBase
  • PvDevice
  • PvBuffer
  • PvGenICam
  • PvTransmitter
  • PvVirtualDevice
  • PvAppUtils
  • PvPersistence
  • PvSerial
  • PvStream

You need to define these symbols:

  • _UNIX_
  • _LINUX_

We use the c++11 standard, so another option needs to be added: -std=c++11

Since the libraries are not in standard system folder, you have to add the reference to your LD_LIBRARY_PATH. We have prepared a script that do so. Please refer to next section Running the applications.

Running the applications

You need to set up the Linux system environment like library paths etc. To do so, we have prepared simple script. You can add this script to your .bashrc file in home directory to be loaded each time console starts.

The script is located here:

  • /opt/workswell/wic_sdk/set_env_variables

To add the script to your .bashrc file, you can run command:

  • echo ". /opt/workswell/wic_sdk/set_env_variables" >> ~/.bashrc

Pleae add your license file to default directory to run the sample.cpp:

  • /opt/workswell/wic_sdk/sample/src/

Temperature calculations and radiometry information

This library is mainly intended for temperature calculation. As such, we have provided several function for setting and calculating temperatures from WIC thermal camera. It is mainly:

Radimetry cameras: by "radiometry" we mean the property of some WIC cameras to return data that are linear in temperature. This leads to one positive: recalculation of RAW pixel values to temperature is much more CPU efficient.


This documentation was generated by Doxygen from program comments. It suppose to give information about the library code and how to use it.

The code was written by Workswell s.r.o. Please, contact us in case of bugs or questions on email address info@.nosp@m.work.nosp@m.swell.nosp@m..cz.